What Matters to Us

Adherence to our Core Values
is our #1 priority.

A Breakdown of our 5 Core Values

To SERVE the needs of customers and fellow employees

The adage that “everything changes with time” certainly applies to serving our customer needs. Over its history, Greatland has adopted many changes in response to evolving customer needs. What began as a forms brokerage firm has evolved into a national distributor of software and software compatible forms. Although our core values have remained the same since Greatland was founded in 1974, we must continue to adapt to ever changing customer needs.

On a personal level, each employee can expect the assistance of others, and, likewise be willing to provide assistance to others in serving our customers’ needs. Regardless of your role, Greatland’s success depends on the performance of each and every team member.

To be an agent in the DEVELOPMENT of God-given talents

As used in our core values, “development” means growing toward one’s full potential. All employees are encouraged and empowered to actively pursue opportunities for their professional growth and advancement.

To PROVIDE work for necessary uses

In order to continue good stewardship of resources, ensuring that the skills and talents of our employees are not wasted, we are committed to properly developing and utilizing the skills and talents of our employees. Providing work for necessary uses also calls us to continually pursue process improvements.

To be ACCOUNTABLE for our actions

Our founders were steadfast in their belief that what Greatland does is not as important as how Greatland gets things done. We care greatly about our ability to earn and maintain the trust of customers, employees and vendors. We take responsibility for both what we say and do.

To treat our WORD as our bond.

Truthfulness, honesty and sincerity are essential to earning and maintaining trust. Therefore, it is critical for each of us “to treat our word as our bond.” We say what we mean and mean what we say. 

From Product Development to Distribution, each of us is committed to delivering high quality products and services to our customers. Here at Greatland, we take care of one another. Think of us as an extension of your family. We celebrate successes and we overcome obstacles together. We collectively share a clear strategic vision combined with a culture of excellence.

Our Core Values guide us as we interact with each other and our customers.

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